Observing with patience: The Sparrowhawk and the Artist

Recently I made the decision to wander with no headphones through some local country lanes up to the seafront. Following a burnout, it was a good time to detach and spend time slowing down within nature. The irony of no longer noise cancelling the world around me, but just giving myself time to listen to that natural noise was the right move to make.

A typical windy day on the Wirral, as I sat to embrace the land and sea colliding. A man would soon pass by whilst walking his dog, yet halted his step looked at me, and pointed up to the sky above me where I pondered up to see a bird stagnant amidst the fierce winds. He explained to me it was a Sparrowhawk observing the greenery below our feet, looking for its prey. He continued with his winter stroll, as I sat to watch this bird, in awe of how still its presence was.

I began to sink into that very moment, I started to sense that weird feeling you get when synchronicity hits in. I’d like to think that this was some divine event of the connection between the psyche and the objective moment, but in the nature of causality, this was simply a bird just being a bird. However, reason or not to this occurrence, I did feel something quite profound from that Sparrowhawk.

With all intentions lined up to hunt down its next meal, the creature was just still, not desperately flapping it’s wings or frantically maneuvering through the space around it. The bird would just stay, right there above me, and even when it glided away, it always took time to just stop, and be aware of its surroundings to see if it’s in for a treat.

It was bloody good timing to become mindful of this winged observer against the winter winds, thankfully pointed out by that wholesome man walking his dog! It gave me that natural boost that I needed. The reminder to just take it easy, be aware, have purpose within your intentions of the day, yet with patience and stillness.

I believe my artistic compositions have benefitted from this, as of recently they feel more natural, controlled, and considerate.

Observing the canvas, as the Sparrowhawk observed the grasslands.


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